Standard Weddings are 4 or 5 hours long.  Some include a cocktail hour.  I will be the Event MC and announce the Bridal Party Introductions and any other announcements as needed.  As far as the music, you the client choose what type of music you want for the event.  This can be done online or I provide paper forms for you to choose from.  Additionally, I provide you planning forms that can be done online or I can mail paper forms to help your event.  The planning forms are a timeline, bridal party info, and a place to list special and first dances.  Sometimes needed is ceremony music and I can provide music if the ceremony is on-site of the reception.

No wedding is the same, so I encourage my clients to create a night that is their own.  However, I can assist with ideas to make the reception run smoothly.  I also, coordinator with any other event vendors you provide such as Videographer, Photographer, or Event Coordinators.  To make sure they are ready to tape or photograph special moments like the first dance, cake cutting, and bouquet/garter.  My involvement during the event is up to you.  I can be as active and lively or if you are choosing a more laid back and low key event that can also be performed.  My standard dress is a Tuxedo for the event, unless suggested or told otherwise by the client.


birthday party

  • Typical birthday parties are a Quinceanera, Sweet 16, 21st, 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th, 70th and 80th birthday parties. Most events are 4 or 5 hours long.  Some are surprise parties and some are planned by the birthday person.  When surprise parties are needed I do provide online planning forms to keep the party a secret.  During the actual event I will be the MC and make announcements as needed.


  • Some are 25th, 40th, 50th anniversary parties.  I host the event as the MC and will make announcements as needed.  In the event the couple wants to reenact their wedding (renewal of vows) I provide similar forms for a Wedding Reception that can help them plan this.  A standard anniversary party will be 4 or 5 hours long, and sometimes a cocktail hour.  Like any other event I can be as lively or low key as needed.

Corporate Events

  • These events are usually to reward and thank their employees.  I will be the MC throughout, and in some cases someone from the company will ask to speak during the event.  A corporate party usually takes place during the summer or around winter holidays.  I work closely with the client to plan their event and cover and special events or announcements that will be needed during the event.

Graduation Party

  • Most are during May, June, or even July and are for graduation of high school or college.  I will be the MC for the evening and make announcements as needed.  Most of these events have an equal balance of the graduate friends and family.  For this matter I encourage my clients to balance the music that relates to family and friends.  This makes the event more memorable and like all events I take music requests from quests.

School Dance

  • If you are school is having a regular, homecoming, or prom dance I provide the music your classmates want.  Also I have online planning forms to create a playlist and plan the night.  I will MC the night and take music request as needed. Party lights are standard with all events and are typically used.

Class  reunions

  • The typical class reunion is a 10 year, then after that can be every 5 years such as 15, 20, 25 or 30 year reunion.  These events tend to be social and music can be provided in any era the client requests.  I will MC the event, and provide a wireless microphone when alumni like to speak and make their own personal announcements.  Sometimes reunions have a theme, such a Vegas Night, Caribbean, so forth and I can dress to what is needed for the event.

Holiday parties

  • Most of the holiday parties are for Christmas or winter holidays.  However this can include Valentines Day, Saint Patrick Day, and Halloween Parties.  For obvious reasons these events are very festive and include a clear cut theme.  I can provide music to have a great holiday party and provide the emceeing throughout.

charity events

  • I volunteer for many charity events throughout the year and return annually to support local causes. I support and work with National Federation of the Blind of Delaware, Best Buddies, local schools, and more. If there are any opportunities in which you want to partner on, please reach out and we can make the event perfect. 

other parties and events

  • No matter the need for a Disc Jockey I can perform for your event.  Such as a charity event, grand opening, family reunion, pool party, international festival, DJ night at a bar, and any other.  I can help customize your event and provide the music you need.  All it takes is contacting me and the event can be planned.

wireless battery powered setup

For events that lack power

  • Popular for Weddings
  • Perfect for outdoor locations
  • Include two battery powered wireless speakers
  • Include two lavalier mics
  • Includes two wireless handheld mics 

additional charge

party lights

Adds magic to your event

  • Dance lighting can be added to any package
  • Syncs to music
  • Speed enhanced
  • Includes an array of settings to match ambience of event


up lighting

Promote your events aesthetic

  • Up Lights (up to 14 lights) can be added to any package 
  • Battery powered and wireless
  • Custom color choices to match event aesthetic

additional charge

online planning forms

Timeline Form, Music Database, Payment Gateway and Event Survey

  • Password protected
  • Ability to save and visit later
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Ability to add special notes
  • Flag songs, artists, or albums as do NOT play’s
  • Pick songs to be played at particular times during event


music selection

Music Planning for your event

  • Add must play’s 
  • Add do NOT play’s
  • Add favorite songs, artists, and genres
  • Add cultures and demographics of guests
  • Add theme of the event
  • Add music requests on or off



Anytime during the planning of an event my clients may contact me and ask questions about the event details and music.event

  • Communicate with me via text, email, phone calls, or video calls. 
  • Flexible to meet in person at no extra cost
  • If needed, multiple meetings or calls can be arranged
  • We will go over venue location to go over details and logistics at no extra cost